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Frequently Asked Questions – House Resume Bank


·        How do I submit a resume to the House Resume Bank?

Submitting resumes to the resume bank is easy. Simply select your position of interest from the roles posted on House Resume Bank career site. Once the role is selected, follow the prompts to provide required profile information, upload a current resume, and provide any other relevant documentation (e.g., cover letter, writing samples). You are highly encouraged to create a profile to manage submitted resumes. Once submitted, a notification will be sent via email confirming receipt of your application.

·        What happens to my resume once it is submitted to the House Resume Bank?

Once your resume is received, it is stored in our system for three months. House offices (i.e., Member, Committee, and Leadership offices) can request access to resumes at any time.  Resumes from the bank will be matched with key criteria and the needs of the requesting office.

You may also request that their resume be shared with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for additional feedback and networking opportunities.

·        What is the difference between the House Resume Bank and other banks that exist across the House?

The House Resume Bank is a centralized, nonpartisan resume bank for potential job seekers. We leverage technology to streamline and improve the user experience for job seekers and House offices. Thus, the House Resume Bank matches job seekers with the requesting House office based on key criteria including party affiliation, background, and experience levels. We provide any House office with resumes upon request, regardless of party affiliation. Similar to other resume banks, submitting a resume does not guarantee an interview or placement in a House office.

·        How long will my resume remain in the House Resume Bank? What happens to my resume after a defined time period?

In an effort to provide House offices with current resumes from active job seekers, resumes submitted to the House Resume Bank will remain active for 90 days. Following the 90-day window, the resume will be archived and no longer provided to House offices for consideration. If you are interested in remaining active, you should review and update your resume quarterly. If you have a House Resume Bank profile, you will receive a reminder notification prior to the 90-day window to update your information and keep your resume active.

·        How can I update my resume and profile responses to a submitted role?

You may refresh your resume and profile information at any time. To complete this process, you should go to your profile in the House Resume Bank and withdraw your application. Withdrawing the application will delete and remove the application from consideration for the selected position. This will allow you to update your profile information and resume. Please note, once withdrawn, you will be able to upload your updated resume.

·        Will my current office know if I submit my resume to the House Resume Bank?

Resumes are only provided to House offices by request. During the submission process, you can specify any office that you want to exclude from receiving your resume.

·        Will completing the self-identification questionnaire impact my application to the House Resume Bank?

Answering the self-identification questionnaire does not impact your submission in any way. The self-identification questions are voluntary and are not included when your resume is provided to a House office for consideration. Information pertaining to gender identity, race, or country of origin is collected to help track general demographic information of those interested in working for the House.

·        How can I apply to a specific House office position?

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer’s Office of Human Resources publishes weekly Member, Committee, and Internship vacancy announcements through the House Vacancy Announcement and Placement Service. This weekly House Employment Bulletin serves as a resource for House offices and Committees wishing to advertise staff vacancies to the general public. You can submit your email addresses to the subscription service to receive the bulletin by email, and cancel or unsubscribe at any time. Positions with the Chief Administrative Officer, the Sergeant at Arms, and the Clerk are posted on



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